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POS Systems

POS refers to the acronym “Point of Sale” and is used to designate the physical spaces where people go to make their purchases; however, it also designates the programs used to systematize the control of sales and inventories in stores.

POS systems comprise hardware and software components and can be complemented with an e-commerce app that is designed to increase the productivity of stores, ensure revenue control at the point of sale, and help to collect payments quickly. By using them, inventory control can be optimized and real-time counts of the total merchandise handled in inventory can be taken. They can be used in clothing stores, mini supermarkets, pharmacies, restaurants, wholesale warehouses, etc. They also generate useful reports to facilitate decision making.

They are widely used, especially by medium and large businesses, because they optimize the user experience and stimulate business control and growth. If you don’t have one, consider the following reasons why you should operate with POS systems:

  • They improve the shopping experience. Customers always have high expectations when being served, which can be met by today’s POS systems.
  • They reduce waiting times in lines and increase the overall quality of customer service.
  • They are highly profitable and generate great results due to their multi-functionality, in addition, they reduce capture times and help calculate promotions, discounts and taxes automatically, which impacts the shoppers’ experience and prevents some of them from leaving the store before closing the sale.
  • Reducing errors. Point-of-sale personnel have limitations and inaccuracies are common when working manually.
  • The POS system eliminates errors that may appear when capturing sales, and also implements readers that streamline the operation and make the recording of all transactions accurate. It is automatic identification equipment and software that must be in your business if you want to have a productive operation.
  • They provide valuable information. During every transaction they provide a lot of details about the products. They generate reports and provide information that can be used in the future to account for sales revenue transactions.
    Applies especially to cloud-based systems, which can be used from any mobile device, anywhere, anytime.
  • Improve inventory control. They do not focus exclusively on sales, but also on inventories, as they allow knowing in real time the amount of goods available and some even create purchase or production orders automatically if there is any missing product. All this is done from the screen and without the need to contact the remaining branches or warehouse team.

The system has to be effective in recording transactions, adapt to the structure of the business and ensure operational agility and flexibility. To achieve this, consider the following:

  • Electronic collections to carry out transactions with different banks and for different services that generate commissions for the business.
  • Ability to establish continuous communications between corporate and branches.
  • Ensuring expansion, for which a prospective analysis is important if continued growth is among your plans. Some functions that will help are language options and handling of different currencies.
  • Real-time monitoring and obtaining important metrics such as total transactions, average sales per cashier, cashier, store, departmental, product, etcetera.
  • Support by professionals who offer guarantees and after-sales services.
    Sales planning to evaluate business development and make adjustments in future purchase plans.

If you want a quality and competitively priced POS system, contact the experts. We offer all the necessary hardware such as POS terminals, receipt printers, cash drawers and barcode scanners. For more information, please contact us directly. We look forward to serving you.

Thermal Paper

Thermal paper is coated with a colorless formula that reveals an image through the application of heat. When the paper passes through an imaging device, the heat applied by the print head causes a reaction that creates an intense dark image on the paper.

Thermal printing technology offers the advantages of perfect, legible images, very fast printing, quiet operation, reliability and low cost of ownership. And ribbons and cartridges are no longer needed.

There are numerous types of thermal paper designed for a wide range of applications. Some products are formulated for long image life and others are designed to accommodate economy and short term use. Image durability depends on two fundamental selections. It is important to ensure that the paper is properly matched to the thermal printer so that the image color is matched to the thermal printer. the thermal printer so that the color of the image is fully developed. Secondly, the proper grade must be selected based on the needs of the end user. For example, thermal paper designed for airline tickets or long-life receipts have significantly improved image stability versus products formulated for short-life receipts or grocery store tickets. Image life can be significantly improved, up to five years or even longer, by selecting the appropriate grade for the application and following storage recommendations.

Logically, the thermal paper measurements must match the printer measurements. The first thing we have to check is the width of the paper, then we have to measure the depth of the cup where we are going to put the paper, that is the maximum width that we can put the thermal paper roll, which are the meters of length of the paper roll.

Krafts Bags

The paper used for the bags can be printed with any design, giving you the opportunity to generate brand recall and personalize your deliveries. So you no longer have an excuse to choose a paper bag and be part of responsible consumption.

We are in a crucial moment to change our consumption habits, reduce pollution worldwide and offer our Planet a real respite, in the market we find a variety of options that work properly, but avoiding the high pollution that is currently generated.

Intel NUC's Computers

They are smaller computing devices than we normally know, but with the same or greater processing capabilities depending on the configuration and customization of the equipment. Their small size gives them an additional advantage; portability, since there are models that fit in a pocket, and can be connected virtually anywhere, where a TV, a keyboard and an inexpensive mouse would be enough to access the digital world.
So they can be considered as an intermediate between a Tablet and a laptop.

So look for the Mini PC that best suits what you need or the work you want to perform with it. After that you can start using it wherever you want, either at work or at home. Functional and very useful, as much as a normal computer or even the same as a laptop.

Although, according to the manufacturer’s specifications, this is an equipment to work 24/7, which would be one of the most important features of a file server; in this regard, we recommend our nucs as workstations.

We do ship to all Latin America. Being located in a city like Miami, gives us the advantage of being a HUB for shipments to any country in America.

Our products have a 3-year worldwide warranty against manufacturing defects.

Lebomar, has direct access to major manufacturers, and of course this does not escape our leading brand INTEL. We have the ability to respond quickly to any need for spare parts for our equipment.

Of course; we have 32GB and 64GB capacities, with 1GB or 2GB storage elements, which feature 12th generation processors that make them powerful tools for video editing and graphic arts work.

Its mission can also be to work as a set-top box behind a TV set.

Of course; we have 32GB and 64GB capacities, with 1GB or 2GB storage elements, which feature 12th Generation processors that make them powerful tools for video editing and graphic arts work.

  • Has different input and output ports
  • Storage just like any other computer
    A motherboard
  • CPU
  • GPU
  • RAM memory
  • Small case
  • Portability due to its small size